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Frequently Asked Questions

How many points do I have to have? 
You can check your points online anytime. Just go to “check my points online” at and you’ll be connected to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s website. Just enter your last name, social security number*, or TDA identification number to search the TDA database.
*Please note: If you use your social security number, do not include any dashes use numbers only.

Can I track my own points?
Yes. Just go to our homepage and click on the "Check Your Online Point Standings" box.  It will redirect you to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture's website. 

How do I find out where to go to get points? 
Make sure you are on the Allpoints mailing list. We will keep you up to date on all our classes. You can also check our website periodically for class locations. Our classes are normally held in January/February and in September/October of each year.

How many points do I have to have every year? 
There is no set number of points required for each year. Point requirements are based on your category of certification and the time period since your initial certification testing. We can explain your specific category information to you or the information can be accessed via our website.

There are two requirements that you must meet:

First, you cannot get all of your points in any one year. (Please note that the certification year ends on December 31st every year.)  If you wait to get all of your points in the last year of your eligibility, you will be denied and you will have to re-test.

Second, you must have all your point requirements met before the re-certification period ends. Be sure you know your category requirements. Also keep an accurate accounting of the points accumulated prior to the end of the re-certification period. Thirty points means 30 points, not 29 and “I thought I had 30.” It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the required points prior to the deadline, no exceptions.

Do my points carry over?
No. Any points over your minimum category requirements are lost at the end of the three-year period. Everyone starts over at zero for the next three-year period. Allpoints classes are designed to make sure you get one-third of your points each year and sometimes you may end up with one or two points extra. Better safe than sorry.

Do I have to have an updated certification card?

Yes! Application for Certification Card

How do I get an updated certification card?
You must submit the proper form and $5 after you have accumulated all of your required points/continuing education units.

When does my certification expire?
Everyone works on the same three-year certification program. The current period runs from December 31, 2014 through December 31, 2017. If you are licensed/certified within that period, your point requirements will be pro-rated accordingly.

What is the website address?
All the necessary forms and information can be found on our website or visit the TDA.

Why didn’t I get a photo ID?
Your photo may not yet be on file with the State.

Can I get all my points in only one year?
You can only get all your points in one year if you are certified during the third and final year of the certification cycle. If you are certified after July 1, 2017 you would be rolled over to the next certification cycle ending in 2017. Anyone certified during the first two years of the cycle must accumulate CEU’s over at least two years.

What are in-house points?
They are courses that are pre-approved by the TDA. They may also include on-line training or CDs.

How many in-house points can I get?
In-house CEU’s are limited to 50% of your total point requirements.

Points Required to Maintain Certification


Why did my certification expire?
If your certification has expired, you have neglected to accumulate the required CEU’s. If the TDA shows a number different than your records, it will be up to you to provide proof to the TDA. If you have used Allpoints for all of your CEU needs, you will only need to make one call. Allpoints keeps hard copies of all our records and can forward them to the TDA at your request.

Can I get all my points at one meeting?
No. The maximum CEU’s you can accumulate at any one meeting is 75% of your point requirements.

How does Allpoints track my CEUs(points)?
We keep detailed records of all our classes that you attended. We also cooperate with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to ensure that no class or credit gets dropped or left out.


How do you make sure your classes are pre-approved for continuing education units (CEU)?
Our staff attends pertinent meetings regarding the pest control industry to stay abreast of all news related to certified applicators. By staying at the forefront of industry changes in several states, we are able to make our classes relevant and effective for your CEU needs.

How long do I have to get my CEUs(points)?
Go to our homepage to look up your information and you'll see your "expires" date. You must have all your points prior to that date.

Where can I get the study material?
You can order the information directly from UT-Knoxville by calling 865-974-7138 or you can go online to request the materials.

What is my ID number?
Your identification number has been pre-assigned by the TDA. You can look that number up by first using your social security number (please remember not to use dashes) or your last name. The number next to your name is your new TDA identification number.

Can I pay for my certification exam on site?
No. You must make payment in advance with a pre-approved payment form.

Who approves in-house training?
In-house points and external classes are approved by the same two departments every time: The Tennessee Department of Agriculture and the University of Tennessee PAT Program. You must submit all classes at least 30 days prior to holding the classes to be considered for approval.

If I perform lawn care services and charge a fee, is it still considered to be a pest control company?
If you charge a fee strictly for lawn care services, you are not considered a pest control company. However, if you use any chemical/pesticide/herbicide you are considered a pest control company that must abide by TDA rules and regulations.

What's the difference between certification and licensing?
Certified applicators can purchase restricted-use pesticides and work under a licensed individual or company. License holders are able to supervise certified technicians, apply for charters and run a company.

How do I qualify to take the license exam?
Meet at least one of the following qualifications: 1. Hold an active license in the same category for another state; 2. Hold a degree in a similar field; 3. Have worked under someone’s license for a minimum of two years.

What are the fees to get a charter?
It is a two-year cycle. Charters are $400 and $40 for each license in each category. It is also $40 per solicitor or technician.

How do I add or remove someone from my charter when an employee leaves or joins our team?  


To add - If your company’s Charter starts with the letters A-K then follow this link  and fill it out and mail it in with the appropriate fee.

Letters L-Z should follow this link

To remove - You need to email John Ewell -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and give him all the important information such as, your company name, charter number, the employees TDA# and a contact name and number in case the TN Dept of Ag has any questions.

If you don’t have access to email you can also call @ 615-837-5010.


How long do I keep my application records and do I maintain records for general use and restricted use?
Commercial applicators and restricted-use pesticide users are required to maintain true and accurate records of application. Records must be retained for two years and be available for inspection by TDA.

What information is required on my backpack sprayers, rigs, etc. (spreaders, spray tanks, dusters. etc.)?
TCA 62-21-117 requires the following -
(a) It is illegal to store or transport any pesticide chemicals unless the containers for such chemicals are labeled to show the:
(1) Name of the pesticide; and
(2) Concentration of the pesticide.
(b) When pesticides are stored or transported in containers other than those in which they were placed by the manufacturer or formulators, the label must also show the name of the chartered person, firm or corporation. (We suggest a phone number as well, but not required)

To whom do I report illegal operators?
Contact Kathy Booker 615-837-5133

How can I provide in-house training? 
All topics along with course outlines must be submitted to Mary Borthick at 615.837.5310.

What topics can I get CEU's for?
Topics that are approved for CEU credit: pests, pest control, pesticides, pesticide safety, IPM, WPS, pesticide laws and regulation issues.

To whom do I report illegal operators?
Jerry Seabolt for category 7 infractions and Gwen Smith for categories  3 and 6.

What is the insurance requirement? HLT? PCO? WDO?
$500,000 liability. An additional $300,000 is required if you are writing clearance letters for errors and omissions.

What is the bond requirement? HLT? PCO? WDO?
GRC (General Pest & Rodent Control), WDO, BDC and FUM licenses require a $50,000 surety bond. HLT requires a $10,000 surety bond.

How long do I have to get a technician certified?
No more 90 days. Must have a certified person physically with (not around the corner) technician until they become certified. This question was updated 3/2/10 per the TN Dept of Ag.

How long do I have to get a solicitor certified?
They must be certified immediately. There is no longer a 120 mile radius for licensees, however if uncertified-an individual may only applied pesticide in the direct presence of a certified applicator. 0080-06-14-.11



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Please note when checking your points, the class location and date may be incorrect. As long as your TDA approval number is correct your points have been awarded. Feel free to email or call us with any questions.