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Don’t wait until it’s time to call 911 – Get your company’s report card today!

Want to know how your company is doing as a whole? Do you want to make sure everyone that should or shouldn’t be on your charter is accounted for? Take a moment to pull a report card of your company by following the link and then search by your company name. The site will show you everyone on your charter, all your license holders, all your certified techs, their point needs and how many points they currently have. Now you can quickly check everything in one simple click!

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Oct 2017 Knoxville - I recently attended the Allpoints class in Knoxville. I have attended many sessions over the years and can say this was the best.   Great Job!  10/29/17 Brad Gardner

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Please note when checking your points, the class location and date may be incorrect. As long as your TDA approval number is correct your points have been awarded. Feel free to email or call us with any questions.