The new three year cycle has officially started and Allpoints would like to thank all of those certified and licensed techs who choose to trust Allpoints with your re-certification needs.  For those of you who might have missed the classes in January our next set of classes will be in October.  The dates haven’t been selected, but you can sign up for our newsletter below and we will notify you as soon as we get our dates secured.  Once again THANKS for choosing Allpoints.  We know you have choices and Allpoints strives to not only present a quality program, but also make the entire process easy and painless.

Scott Burnett


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Want to know how your company is doing as a whole? Do you want to make sure everyone that should or shouldn’t be on your charter is accounted for? Take a moment to pull a report card of your company by following the link and then search by your company name. The site will show you everyone on your charter, all your license holders, all your certified techs, their point needs and how many points they currently have. Now you can quickly check everything in one simple click!!